31. All Seasonal Washington County Park tenants must register the following information at the beginning of each season, due on or before April 1st:

  1. Name of camper owner
  2. Address, telephone numbers and email of camper owner
  3. Manufacturer make & model of Recreation Vehicle
  4. Registration # of watercraft & License plate of trailer
  5. Sign and date agreement attached

32. All camping units must remain truly mobile. All camping units must be mobile and ready for highway use, on their own wheels and jacking system. All Campers and decks must be maintained in a safe condition and be clean and free of clutter. The Washington County Park Authority has the right to evict any camper that has been deemed unsafe, unsanitary, dilapidated, uninhabitable, or detracts from the beauty of the park.

33. All New decks or replacement decks will be limited to 10’ wide by the length of the camper frame or awning leg of a fifth wheel, not to exceed 40’ and 400 Square Feet. Railings shall not be more than 36-inches high. The floor height of the deck should be no higher than 24 inches on the lower end and as needed on the high end due to topography. A sketch of the new deck or repairs must be submitted to the Park Authority Manager and approved BEFORE CONSTRUCTION BEGINS.

34. Tailgate style package canopies/covers/umbrellas, which can be set up and taken down quickly (typically carried by hand and assembled/disassembled in 20 minutes or less), are allowed on the decks or landings as sun shields. All sun shields other than OEM camper awnings must be submitted for approval. No other shade structures, hand built or store-bought kits, are allowed.

35. One equipment storage box will now be permitted per camper as long as they are no more than 100gal or have outer measurements of no more than 18 cu.ft. Refrigerators or freezers outside the camper are not allowed.

36. Satellite dishes may be attached to campers, free standing, or temporarily attached to the deck. Satellite dishes may not be attached to trees or utility poles.

37. Washing or rinsing campers is permitted at the camper’s location only. Washing of vehicles or boats is prohibited in the park but may be washed in the boat storage area only.

38. Park decals will be issued after April 1. Camper owners must sign for decals. All decals must be placed on left front of vehicle. Two decals will be issued per campsite to be used by camper owner and unmarried children of immediate household. Married children are a separate household and must pay the entrance fee at the gate. Additional season passes and family parking passes may be purchased at the beginning of each season.

39. All watercraft and trailers must park in designated boat parking areas. Registration must be in camping tenant’s name and every trailer will need a new parking decal each year. All boat lot sites will be used on a first come first serve basis and for registered tenant parking only. Any trailer not properly registered with the Park will be towed at owner’s expense. Watercraft must park three feet apart. No parking allowed anywhere on the roadways leading to the watercraft parking lot. Any trailer parked and not attached to a vehicle anywhere other than the boat lot or Laundry may be issued a $10 parking fine per day. Boat lot gate should remain closed at all times to prevent day users from entering. The gate should also be kept locked between 9:00 pm – 8:00 am.

40. Site rent is due by the 5th day of each month with a 10% late fee added on the 6th day and for each week (7 days) thereafter (13th, 20th, 27th). May electric is due with June rent, July with August, and September with October. If site rent, power usage fee or winter fees are late 30 days, site renter will be permanently removed from Washington County Park. Ten (10) days will be given to pull the camper out of the Park or camper will be removed at owner’s expense with no liability to damages. If camper is taken off site for non-payment, a storage fee of $3.00 per day will be charged for the first month and the fee will increase to $25.00 per day for the second month. Winter site retention and parking fees are due by November 1st with no grace period added.

41. Park rules do not allow you to sublet. All campers must be used by the registered tenant only. If caught breaking this rule, you will be permanently removed from Park.

42. Campsites are Washington County Park property and do not transfer when camper is sold onsite in the Park. Camper must be removed from Park. No “For Sale” Signs shall be displayed on camper or campsite

43. Any personal items not located in the rented campsite will be viewed as public use and may be used by other campers. Any items located along the shoreline must be removed at the end of each season.

Washington County Park Authority, Revised February 16, 2021