IF YOU CHOOSE TO VIOLATE THE RULES YOU RISK BEING REMOVED FROM THE PARK WITH NO REFUND OF ANY FEES PAID. If you observe anyone violating these rules, contact our Gate Attendant.
During working hours 276-628-9677.
After hours call Park Manager 276-608-1244.

We wish you a safe and enjoyable visit and thank you for choosing to camp with us.

1. All facilities at Washington County Park are used at your own risk.

2. Washington County Park Authority or their employees will not be responsible for the loss of, or damage to, any property of the users of Washington County Park.

3. All State and County laws and regulations are to be abided by in the Park. The Park falls under Washington County Sheriff and Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources jurisdictions.

4. Park hours are 8:00 am – 9:00 pm. At 9:00 pm, the Laundry is closed and locked, the two white gates are closed and locked, and the main front gate is closed but remains unlocked. If you exit the main gate after 9:00 pm, the gate must be closed behind you.

5. No open display of alcoholic beverages allowed in the Park.

6. The possession of firearms, weapons, or fireworks in the Park is prohibited.

7. Possession or use of any controlled or dangerous substance or the intent to distribute any controlled, dangerous illegal substance is strictly prohibited within the Park.

8. Use of a generator is prohibited.

9. All open campfires must be small and kept 25 feet from campers and must be controlled at all times. No standing wood may be used.

10. The speed limit on all roads in the park is 5 MPH and will be strictly enforced.

11. Absolutely no untagged motorized vehicles are allowed in Washington County Park including golf carts. Vehicles are not to exceed the state or county exhaust noise level.

12. Trash, garbage, etc., are to be placed in proper receptacles throughout the Park. Renters are responsible for keeping the appearance of their site and camper presentable.

13. Temporary camping has a maximum stay of two weeks and camper must be removed from the property after the fourteen days. Limit to a two week stay in a thirty-day period.

14. Site renter, their families and guests shall conduct themselves with proper decorum while at the Park and shall not indulge in loud and boisterous conduct. No activity, which would interrupt another person’s use and enjoyment of the Park will be allowed. In the event any site renter, their family or a guest is guilty of a breach of any of these rules, the Park Supervisor shall have the authority to require said person or persons to leave the park.

15. Quiet time is observed from 10:00 pm – 8:00 am

16. No loud talking, singing, playing of music or musical instruments outside the confines of tent or camper shall be permitted after 10:00 pm. For the mutual comfort and pleasure of all persons, any noise generating equipment such televisions or speakers, shall be restricted in their use and at no time shall equipment be used in a manner to cause a nuisance to the other site renters, their families and guests.

17. Site renter shall be responsible for the conduct of their respective families and guests. All guests must be out of the park by 12:00 midnight.

18. Site renter shall be liable for any damage to, or destruction of, property or equipment of the Washington County Park, which is caused by their respective families and guests. Any site renter caught vandalizing Washington County Park property will be removed from the park and permanently banned.

19. No site renter, their family or guests shall attach any apparatus, attachment, accessory building or structure to the trees or other living plants within the Park. The cutting of wood or other vegetation within the Park is prohibited.

20. No moving or modifying Park property without board permission.

21. In the event of a fire or rising water hazard, special precautions or measures, including, without limitation, the closing of the Park, may be invoked by the Washington County Park Authority. Upon notice from the Washington County Park Authority, all site renters and their families shall immediately comply with such orders and be able to remove camper and belongings within 24 hours.

22. In the event of an emergency, the Washington County Park Authority shall have the authority, but without any obligation or liability, to move or remove equipment, vehicles and belongings of site renters, their families and guests. Rent will continue if campers are removed due to high water. In the event of severe weather, the laundry mat building will be a designated storm shelter.

23. The showers are to be used by campers of the Park only. All others will be required to pay a camper’s fee. Men should shower in the men’s shower and ladies in the ladies.

24. At the discretion of the Washington County Park Authority, site renter may bring family household pets, such as dogs and cats. Such pets shall always be under the owner’s control. All dogs must be kept on leashes and picked up after. The Washington County Park Authority reserves the right to require a site renter to remove any pet that becomes a nuisance. Pet owners will be held liable for damage caused by pets.

25. Only one camping vehicle may occupy an RV campsite. No tents of any type allowed in main campground. Tent camping only in designated area with a maximum of 2 tents per site. Rent is per tent, not per site, and setting up more tents than paid for will be charged double.

26. No more than eight (8) persons (including the site renter, his family and all guests) may occupy a camper.

27. Barbeque grills are to be cleaned prior to leaving a campsite.

28. Self-contained vehicle holding tanks and other plumbing used for “gray” or “black” water must be dumped and rinsed into a sewer line or Dump Station and not onto the ground. Violators will be reported and permanently banned from the park.

29. Boats may be launched only from designated areas. Persons using the boat launching facilities will be expected to observe all the rules relating thereto. No watercraft of any type should be launched from shoreline. Shoreline parking is first come first serve but rented camp sites must be respected.

30. Size limit of campers are 10’ x 40’. Washington County Park Authority has the right to reject any camper brought into the Park that does not meet the specifications of the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association standards. Campers must be professionally manufactured by a licensed manufacturer.

Washington County Park Authority, Revised February 16, 2021